50th invitation   (invitation created by Emily Sudweeks Reynolds - thanks Emily!) If you know of someone else who would really like to be invited, please let us know (and feel free to forward this link or invite them to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/295890800545269/.) If you have some memories/pictures our family would treasure, please contact Claudia Sudweeks (cesudweeks@yahoo.com or 801-756-5106) so that she can arrange to get them. (We'll make digital copies of the pictures so you can keep your originals.) Thank you! Directions for those headed South on I-15 (Exit 284) 1. Head east on UT-92 E toward W Digital Dr (4.7 mi) 2. Turn right onto N 6000 W (0.4 mi) 3. Turn right onto Chapel Dr (Chapel will be on the left) directionssouth Directions for those headed North on I-15 1. Head northwest on Exit 276 (0.1 mi) 2. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for American Fork and merge onto S 500 E (0.9 mi) 3. Turn left onto E State St (0.5 mi) 4. Continue onto E Main St (436 ft) 5. Turn right onto UT-74 N/N 100 E, Continue to follow UT-74 N (3.1 mi) 6. Turn left onto W 10400 N (0.8 mi) 7. Take the 3rd right onto N 6000 W (0.4 mi) 8. Turn left onto Chapel Dr (Chapel will be on the left) directionsnorth

5 Thoughts on “50th Anniversary”

  • Dear Richard and Jo,

    We wanted to congratulate you on your 50th Anniversary in person, but we will be in California on the 25th for the Mack Lyon Family Reunion.

    Best Wishes for more happy years together.

    Jim and Karen Hansen

  • Congratulations Jo and Richard! Fifty of anything in life is a milestone especially a couple living happily together for that length of time. Carolyn and I passed that milestone about a year ago, but because of my inability to walk and mingle with people very well, we did it quietly. We also did it as a test to see if the kids would remember when we were married. It turned out to be half.
    When we had out High School Reunion in Levan about 8 years ago, Richard, you asked me if I remembered you and I being referred to as Chauncy and ?????, I never got a chance to answer you. As I remember it had something to do with the authors of a chemistry or math text and how you and I did in class. The old neurons are not what they used to be, but nothing is as it used to be. As I look at your picture with your apparent stature and strength, and I am somewhat envious. My dystrophy just keeps creeping along.
    Anyway, congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

  • Brother and Sister Sudweeks,

    Congratulations on your 50 years together! Rich and I hope to have such a long and happy union. We have enjoyed getting to know you both over our time in Utah and are sorry that we are unable to attend your celebration. Rich is out of the country (Columbia on business) and I have commitments with the kids this evening, but please accept our wishes for your continued happiness in your life together!

    Rachel and Richard Hoffman

  • Congratulations!!! I was gone for the last 2 weeks of July (to Hawaii). I just opened all our mail we had received while being gone and got your announcement. I would have loved to have attended the celebration. Thanks for thinking of me. I treasure the great memories of us teaching kindergarten next door to each other for so many years. Big congratulations of your 50th Anniversary. Love Diana

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