Sarah's 16 Happy Sweet 16!  How did she grow up so fast?! Here's a link to her birthday slideshow.  WordPress won't let me upload this big a file, so we improvised. (Open the post to make the link active.)  

One Thought on “Sarah’s 16th birthday!”

  • OH MY WORD!!!!! I am so happy at how beautiful your family is Claudia!! And Reeve getting married!! It is so wonderful to have your family begin to grow and grow. I watched Devin get his mission call, that little jokester. I hope he is healthy, happy and successful for our Father there in Belgium or the Netherlands, where ever he is right now.
    And Sarah! Just the other day, I was telling Spencer about his little girl friends. Sarah, Hannah Hunter and Spencer were so fun to watch together. Those were some fun times! How I still love you all. Your efforts in raising a righteous family shows the blessings upon your heads in those pictures and it brings me joy. Love, love, love you still. Rhonda Rolz

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